App Store Optimization

Promotion of a mobile application in the marketplace and everything that is needed for this

ASO is Application promotion

ASO is a set of techniques to increase organic installs of an app without ads. It's necessary to reduce the cost of promoting your product on the marketplace.
Market App Page
The application page is a complex element of marketplace that represents your product in the application store.

  • Competitor research
  • Definition of keywords for target region/users
  • Create page for your application in Google PlayMarket using search optimization metrics and semantic core
  • Declaring application titles
  • Declaring correct market category
Application Icons
The main visual element that a potential user sees when searching for applications in the store.

  • Create app icon for market place
  • Create icons for different target users and/or advertising campaigns
  • A/B testing
Main visual part describing your product.

  • We create professional screenshots or splash screens for applications

Our search optimization services for your business

Creative and mobile services for your product
Video Tutorials
  • Does your user need mountains of text? We are sure that - No! We can make a dozen awesome tutorials for the app
from €350
Landing Pages
  • Today, any product should have its own website or page! We will create a landing page (or website) for the application in the shortest possible time, taking into the wishes of your target users!
from €250
Mobile Development
We create personal targeted mobile applications for your specific business using 1C:Enterprise mobile platform. Very quick and furios
+ €1000
How-to videos or Video Review example
Example how to import finances to application
It's short video clip that shows to potential users capabilities of your application. Increases the conversion of installs by 20%!

  • About 2 minutes
  • Rhythmic music
  • No voice / with voice
Great emotional engage feature for YouTube and/or application store


We are careful about the execution of our work on time. We helps you promote your application
First start
  • Exploring your application
  • Declaring working area for future ASO-promotion
2 working day. This service provided for new application
Marketplace App Page
€75 / language
  • Searching of keywords and creating semantic core
  • Copywriting of selling SEO texts and titles
  • Declaring content for target market category
  • First comparison of competitors
2-3 working days
Application icons
€15 / set
  • Drawing application icon set for market place
  • Create icons for different target users and/or advertising campaigns
  • Icons for A/B testing
3 icons in one set. 2 working days for set
Promotion Screenshots
€30 / set
  • Creating promotion mockups of your application screenshots to display in marketplace
5-7 images in one set. 4 working days
Full Competitor research
  • We search and analyze competitors of your application (7-10 applications)
  • We provide a comparative report on the results of research
  • We determine the strengths and weaknesses of your application and selected competitors
The term of execution is 10 working days.
ASO Iteration
€40 / iteration
  • Correction of keywords and semantic core
  • Re:copywriting description text and correction of titles
  • Compare competitors results
The average number of iterations for the growth of organic installs (for one selected country) is 5-7. Declaration of one iteration is two working days (researching and creating). Counting of iteration - 5 calendar days.
Video Review / Tutorial
€170 / 1 min.
  • Development of short promotion tutorial for your mobile application.
3 working days.

How we Works

Seven steps to success
The first acquaintance is the most important! This can be done both through e-mail and also through the Zoom.
Exploring of the Application
We are closely exploring the mobile application, its capabilities and current position in the marketplace
Commercial offer
We prepare a commercial proposal in accordance with the requirements stated at the initial briefing and based on the results of the investigation of the Customer's application.
Invoicing and payment
We issue an invoice for 50% prepayment and then start work.
Hard work
We carry out our duties and are in constant contact with the customer
  • We demonstrate result of the work
  • Make an invoice for the remaining 50% of the payment
We transfer the result materials (report, images, text) to the customer
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